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Skupščina EASPD

05.10.-06.10., Barcelona

Dear EASPD members,
We would to invite you to the next EASPD conference: “Technology and digitalisation in social care. The impact on Education, Employment and Independent Living” which will take place in Barcelona, 4 – 5 October 2018. Registrations are now open here!
During the next General Assembly meeting which will take place on 5th-6th  October in Barcelona, we will organise elections for the position of EASPD treasurer. The position will be available as the term of Ms Bernadette Grosyeux will come to an end in October after serving EASPD for 8 years. We would like to warmly thank her for the valuable contribution and commitment to EASPD’s work and development throughout these years!
You can now submit your candidatures for the position of EASPD treasurer by 16th September 2018!
The candidatures should strictly follow the application procedure and deadlines described in this e-mail and the attached documents.
Who can apply?
•    The candidates should be part of an organisation-member of EASPD with a paid membership fee (for the current year as well as the previous years) and the application documents should be signed by the President of the proposing organisation.
o    Please note that one cannot nominate him/herself. Should the President of the member organisation apply for the vacant position, his/her candidature should be proposed and signed by a member of the Board of his/her organisation.
Who can vote?
•    Only members with a paid membership fee and or/correctly followed membership agreement can vote
•    Observer organisations do not have the right to vote
•    The voting right should be executed by the legal representative of the member organisation. EASPD has listed the members’ legal representatives, according to the information provided by each organisation.
•    If the legal representative cannot attend the General Assembly, he/she can give a mandate to another representative of the organisation to vote on his/her behalf. If no representative of the member organisation is present at the General Assembly, then a proxy could execute the voting right. In both cases, this should be done through a mandate which should be signed by the legal representative and sent both in digital version to the EASPD Secretary General, Luk Zelderloo at luk.zelderloo@easpd.eu and hard copy to the EASPD headquarters.
At the GA on the 5th-6th October, the candidates will have the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and their motivation to apply for the position.
The attached documents describe the election procedure and the vacant position. You will also find the application documents that need to be completed by the candidates and the organisation nominating them.
Documents you should read:
•    1-Bodies and Structures of EASPD
•    2-Election Procedure
•    3-Standing Orders-2012
•    4-EASPD Statutes
Documents that should be completed and returned to EASPD:
•    5-Candidature for EASPD Treasurer
•    6-Declaration of interest-EASPD treasurer position
•    7-Mandate
Deadline: The documents should be sent and hard copy (EASPD headquarters) by 16/09/2018 at the latest!
We wish you all a wonderful summer!
Let’s commit!
Best wishes,
Jim Crowe                                                                                                   Luk Zelderloo                                                          
EASPD President                                                                                        EASPD Secretary General

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